In the rolling hills of southern Michigan there is a small valley and marsh that Walt Whitman called the Mogador Valley.  Forty years ago - probably before most of us realized the importance of wetlands - some friends bought 90 acres and made their home at the edge, preserving the marsh.  They have graciously welcomed me there.

When I lived in the area, I visited it often - photographing, mediating, enjoying the beauty and stillness.  Since I have moved away, I visit it as often as I can, often with my friend Dick Lehman.  As we explore the marsh trails, we pause to make an espresso with a small portable stove.  My wife says that if I die before she does, she will scatter my ashes there.

My photographs from Mogador span some 25 years.  I began with a large-format camera, moved on to an Xpan panoramic camera, and more recently have used digital.  The selection of images here includes some of each.